Presentations, Talks and Posters

Poster Presentations

UCSD has printers available for poster printing. You can produce great quality posters at a fraction of the price you’d pay at Kinko’s or similar. This is the preferred method of making posters for conferences.

Note that just before big conferences, a lot of people are printing posters so you don’t want to leave it to the very last minute.

You need to first prepare your poster first as a large document (e.g., Using Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Powerpoint). Make sure you check the instructions for the conference re: the maximum size and whether you should use vertical or horizontal layout.

After you prepare the poster, you will need to save it as a postscript file, which you then print using UNIX command lpr.

The links below provide detailed instructions. Luke/Burcu to add to wiki and link poster printing instructions.

You will need a login and password in order to connect to Contact Ayse to obtain the lab’s login name and password.

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Bob Buffington’s Excellent UCSD Poster Printing Resource
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Preparing Professional Scientific Posters
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Quick Guide to Making Posters (pdf)

Oral Presentations

You will no doubt be asked to give lectures, seminars, or conference presentations. Developing oral presentation skills are thus very important.

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