Lab Meetings

Lab meetings take different forms including journal club style discussions, data presentations, invited speakers, joint meetings with other labs, “career development” topics…Lab meetings take place Wednesday afternoons, the exact time varies each quarter. We meet most weeks, depending on current lab deadlines, travel etc…

List of suggested papers/topics

Papers discussed in past lab meetings

You have to be logged into google and have permission to view the documents. To be added to lab meeting notifications, e-mail Burcu at burcu.urgen at gmail dot com.

Recent guest speakers:

– Markus Lappe (Uni Munster, Germany): “The template matching approach to biological motion: motion-from-form rather than form-from-motion”
– Geoffrey Bird (Birkbeck College, London): “Top-down modulation and social mirroring in autism”
– Steven Thurman (UCLA): “”Perceptual and computational analysis of critical features for biological motion”
– Arseny Sokolov (Tubingen, Germany): “Cerebellar contribution to visual body motion processing”
– Josh Solomon (City University, London): “Detecting contrast”
– Laura Harrison (CalTech)

As of 2013, we have added themed group meetings in addition to lab meetings where a subset of lab members working on related areas meet. Like lab meetings, this time is used for project proposals, project updates, discussing data and journal club style paper discussions. Whereas in lab meetings, the goal is to bring everyone together from undergraduates to postdocs, the group meetings are much more specific, and the discussion more advanced and in-depth. Currently two group meetings are being held: AB meetings and UV meetings.

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