End of Quarter: More news from the lab

We have reached the end of Spring quarter and the lab has been busy.

On June 6, Cognitive Science graduate students presented their 2nd year research projects. Burcu A. Urgen presented a project from our lab entitled “Temporal Dynamics of Human Cortical Motor Activity during Action Observation: The Effect of Actor Appearance and Movement Kinematics”. On June 9, Angela Chan presented her undergraduate honors thesis entitled “Biological Motion as a Cue for Attention”. Burcu was supported by a research fellowship from Calit2, and Angela has been awarded a summer undergraduate research fellowship also from Calit2. Both students will continue working on their projects this summer. Congratulations to all the students who successfully presented their work this week!

Speaking of undergraduate research, Arthur Vigil has been awarded the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship to work in the lab for the next year. Congratulations Arthur!

We all hope to go on to have a productive summer – but now it’s time for a well-deserved break!

Professor Saygin and Angela Chan after Angela's honors thesis presentation

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